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Knee High Compression Socks (Open Toe)


Knee High Compression Socks (Open Toe)


Knee High Compression Socks (Open Toe) is beneficial to everyone from runners, fitness enthusiasts, frequent travellers, and to those standing on their feet for long duration such as nurses. The graduated compression helps improve circulation and blood flow, reduce leg fatigue, and support muscles.


Prevent Injury and Alleviate Shin Splints: Compression helps to stabilise muscles and provide support to the shin and calf area. By improving blood flow and providing support to the lower leg, shin splints are able to be relieved and calf cramping prevented. Whether suffering from a calf strain or pain in the lower leg, the Knee High Compression Socks (Open Toe) allow you to get back to your favourite activity faster. Compression in the ankle area helps to stabilize muscles to prevent injuries and provide added support.


Ultimate Comfort: An anatomical fit means the socks are designed specifically for the left and right foot to ensure a perfect fit. The Knee High Compression Socks (Open Toe) is lightweight, moisture wicking and thermal regulating. An elastic band goes around the foot to help support your arches for added comfort and to prevent fatigue.


Graduated Compression: Graduated Compression means that there is the most compression in the ankle area and less in the calf area. This helps to promote blood flow by pushing the blood back to the heart through the veins. Not only does this prevent cramping and preventing swelling, but also helps to improve muscle recovery time, as muscles receive a greater amount of oxygenated blood they need to recover. Use while running or working out to help take your sport to the next level or while traveling to prevent swelling.


Open Toe: Great for wearing flip flops or sandals. Especially during the warmer months, the exposure to your toes will have your feet breathing much better. If you experience discomfort with tightness on your toes or have any structural toe conditions, the open toe option will allow more freedom of motion for your toes. In regards to toe comfort, open toe compression stockings are also an ideal choice if you have a rather larger shoe size to prevent your toes from feeling cramped.


Suitable for daily use

Absorbs moisture

Provides support during movements

Helps with strains and sprains

Lightweight with graduated compression provides a snug and flexible fit

Specialised breathable fabric controls moisture during intense activities


Materials: 100% Polyester

Care: Hand wash, machine wash below 40°C, do not tumble dry


Knee High 20–30 mmHg

Size Circumference at ankle Circumference at calf Length of foot Length from base of foot to calf
cm inches cm inches cm inches cm inches
S 16.5 – 20.5 6.5 – 8 26.5 – 37 10.5 – 14.5 ≥22 ≥8.7 ≥41 ≥16
M 20.5 – 24.5 8 – 9.5 29 – 39.5 11.5 – 15.5 22 – 22.5 8.7 – 8.9 41 – 43 16 – 17
L 24.5 – 28 9.5 – 11 32 – 43 12.5 – 16.5 22.5 – 23.5 8.9 – 9.3 43 – 46 17 – 18
XL 28 – 32 11 – 12.5 35.4 – 44.5 13.5 – 17.5 23.5 – 25.5 9.3 – 10 43 – 46 17 – 18
XXL 32 – 35.5 12.5 – 14 37 – 49.5 14.5 – 19.5 25.5 – 28 10 – 11 43 – 46 17 – 18